A Walk Through the Looking Glass Garden.

Since the season of Spring has come our way, my mother decided to take me to the Looking Glass Garden that borders the hills of Welcome Bay and Papamoa. After a windy road uphill, we entered into a fairytale garden set to the stories and characters of stories such as the Three Little Pigs and Alice in Wonderland. Although I’m not very familiar with the second story, I was drawn in by the detail and creativity the owners had put into the sculptures, houses and gardening. The constant smell of magnolias was floating in the air and the sun was gently squeezing its rays through all the rising trees. Fields of yellow daffodils were surrounded by pink and lavender coloured flowers, and the sound of tuis made you feel like you were walking around in a dream land.

Everything had such a farm-like quality and was so undisturbed. The owners’ house was white with a stretched out veranda and white-wash furniture. Now that I think of it I wish I had taken more photographs.

The farm equipment had been rusting for quite a number of years and it made you think of the stories and events before these gardens were made public. If only there were more places like this close to home!


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