A New Edition.

When I was opshopping the other day, I came across this old camera and spontaniously decided that I am going to start a collection of old cameras and suitcases (If I can afford to find and pay for those that are unique and very expensive)! I have always loved how groovy they look in photos with couples, engagements and weddings, and my recent addiction with the Pinterest website has given me all sorts of inspiration for my future home and photography ideas.

In the next few months I also hope to purchase a Prime Lens that a lot of photographers use to get that soft quality, quick depth of field and blurriness. I’ve been looking at photography courses such as the one at the Photography Institute which can be done online, and if I do end up starting that course, it will give me such a great insight into what kind of lenses are best and what camera settings I should ultimately use if I want to make it as a great photographer.

So, there are only 6 weeks left until I complete my university degree. Then I can finally start living! Hopefully…


One thought on “A New Edition.

  1. My dad has a few old cameras – aren’t they stunning to collect and admire. Especially when they are usable as his are! If you can source the right old film… Hey I have an old suitcase that needs a new home before we go overseas. Its cute. And blue. I’ll give it to you 🙂

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