A Little Walk Up A Mountain.

This beautiful Saturday morning I miraculously awoke at 6AM and made a plan to walk up Mount Maunganui, Tauranga, and have a nice cuppa afterwards. The weather looked a little bit worrying, but the clouds parted and the sunrise was stunning. Here are just a few shots of what I saw this morning.

Isn’t this light just amazing?!

After a nice while reminiscing on this glorious day, it was time for the walk down.

If you hadn’t noticed in some of my previous posts, I am in love with trees.

Sunshine just tends to make everything more beautiful.

And to finish off my wonderful morning, I sat down with a wholewheat pancake and blueberries breakfast and a latte. Now that I think of it, I didn’t take a shot of my yummy breakfast, but I hope it sounds good enough for you!

I was so caught up in photographing the sunset that I also totally forgot to take a shot of the actual mountain, but hey, I hope that at least you got a small glimpse of what I got to enjoy this morning!



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