Love – Hazel & Andrew.

Yesterday I was saying some little prayers for the heavy rain to stay away until after we had finished the photo shoot, and we were so fortunate to miss most of the rain to have some fun in the park and other nifty little places which I totally loved for photos. Hazel and Andrew are one of the sweetest couples I know, and they just rocked those photos! I had so much fun experimenting and also learning from Andrew who loves photography, and had a hard time keeping the numbers down for the blog post. But in the end I just decided to post all the ones I loved most on here, and I hope you will love them too! Hazel and Andrew, you guys are awesome!

So sweet!

Definitely in my top favourites! Too cute.

I just loved her necklace!

Another favourite for sure.

You guys are adorable.

Thank you Hazel & Andrew for being amazing and for giving me this opportunity! It was wonderful! I hope you will cherish these memories together for the future! xx


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