Planted With Light.

On Labour Day I had the privilege of spending a whole day learning from the amazing Kate Robinson from Kate Robinson Photography & Design at her wedding photography workshop ‘Planted With Light’.

The day was just wonderful. Her energy and passion for what she does was so contagious, and it inspired me so much to keep pursuing my photography and believe in what I do.

After the ‘talking’ part of the workshop we were fortunate enough to have a styled shoot set up by the amazing Ruby & Willow Design Studio so we could practice and see how Kate does what she does. While she showed us how she runs through a photo shoot with a couple, we snapped as many pictures as we could. Imagine about fifteen of us squeezing into one area to get the best shots of the gorgeous couple (who’s bride is the talented photographer Claire Mossong by the way)!

It was amazing meeting other very talented photographers, sharing ideas, and encouraging each other with our businesses. It was such an inspirational day, and I am so happy to finally show you pictures of the styled shoot!


Loved our beautiful bride model!

Yes!!! Thank you Claire!

Now some of the beautiful vintage details…



Thank you Kate for inspiring me to keep going and do what I love! It was an amazing day.

Hope you all enjoyed the photos xx


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