I’m going to Queenstown! Oh, and Happy New Year.

My mini holiday for the year has finally arrived, well in two weeks that is. For my first post of this new year  I thought I would report some great anticipation and excitement for finally being able to get away for a few days and rest! I was originally going to treat myself to this adventure just before Christmas but ofcourse I didn’t manage to have some time! So about a week ago I thought heck, let’s just book this thing!

So off I will go, for three nights, to the magical place that Kiwis call Queenstown (here’s one from Google images to give you an idea of paradise).

I’ve never been before but my parents, who just yesterday arrived back from Queenstown said I will just love it! Really all I want to to is sightsee, eat at cafes and restaurants, and shop! Oh, and sleep in an amazing soft bed at the HOTEL I booked. Yes, hotel. Woop! Oh and how could I forget, take about a GAZILLION photos of the Remarkables (the remarkable mountains that is).

I can’t WAIT to show you all the photos of my trip, which is still a little while away for my liking, but in the mean time, here are also some random shots of my Christmas evening with the family. I hope you all ate lots and were blessed with lots of laughter and love around you! xx

PS: What will this year bring???

Coolest looking Christmas cracker ever? I think so. The packet gave us each a whistle so the ‘musical director’ could point at us and we could join together to make Christmas music! Epic.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year everybody! xx


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