Tragedy Strikes.

My heart broke when I saw that one of the victims of the Kenya car crash was Caitlin who was part of our church community. To think that I was talking and laughing with her just a few weeks ago. I can’t imagine the heartache of the families. My thoughts and prayers are with you all xx

How do we respond when a tragedy such as this happens? To think that your life could just end in a split second, without warning, without heart. These people were on their way to a four-week volunteer project, and now that project is dramatically altered because the lives of three precious Kiwis were taken.

My heart became angry and was layered with a deep blanket of sorrow when I thought about the good that could’ve been from the actions during the project that was yet to begin. The lives that could’ve been changed, the love that could’ve been shared, the pain that could’ve been mended.

I have been a Christian my whole life, and have, in the last couple of years, really begun to question and struggle with the troubles and realities that pass through my life of faith. At this moment I just cannot understand why things like this happen. I’m not blaming anyone, I’m not accusing anyone, but I just cannot come to terms with tragedies that could’ve been blessings. Will they become blessings in the end? Who knows. Will He use it for good? I hope so.


It feels somewhat far away at this moment. At least there is an inkling in my heart that knows Caitlin is now rejoicing with Him. But my heart is full of questions, full of doubts, full of pain and love at the same time.

I hope I will get some kind of understanding from this sadness.

Caitlin, I saw the light of His love in your eyes that day. I know you are safe with Him. No more tears, just joy…



One thought on “Tragedy Strikes.

  1. Hope is right. Hope it is used for good.
    I bet god was sad she experienced pain or shock. However I bet he was there. We all had free choices. We all make decisions. To smoke swear bless others serve god not serve god…or speed. Our actions have consequences. Lives have been lost. It’s so sad but god can use it for the good. I hope so.

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