A Day With Friends.

A beautiful sunny day in the Hamilton gardens meant that my dear friends and I could spend a whole afternoon together after not seeing each other for nearly a year (for Lisa and Laura that was). Luckily I got to see Laura on her wedding day in October, but it seems forever when you can’t see your best friend often. We chilled on the field of grass in the middle of the gardens until our skin stung from the burning sun, and then we took a walk which ended up being a little bit of a photoshoot.

I hadn’t really picked up my camera in a little while (tusk tusk I know!) and my, did it feel good to capture those darlings in such nice light! It’s not much, but it’s something! Enjoy their joyful smiles, sneaky faces, oh, and a little bit of me too!


These next two possibly my favourites!


Love the blue dress and red lipstick…

IMG_1701colourcopy IMG_1687copy

And the last few were taken by my friends! If you haven’t put a face to Tranquility Photography yet, here I am!


Lots of laughs!

Love these girls! Hope you enjoyed a little bit of insight into my free time x

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