I am so excited to show you this photoshoot! Firstly because my model is just simply stunning, but also because she is my best friend who lives all the way in Holland! Living so far apart is, unfortunately, very depressing for us both, but we took the opportunity on her last evening with me to go out before the sun went down and have some fun with my lens.

Let me tell you a little bit about our friendship. We have always known each other, ever since we were little basically. Our parents were and have always been close friends and remain so regardless of the distance that separates them. Even though we knew each other, we had never really pursued a friendship, also because of the fact we moved to the other side of the world. If I remember correctly she first visited New Zealand in December 2010 and we just hit it off instantly. We had so much in common and our conversations just never seemed to end. We always have something to talk and laugh about.

I love that no matter how far we are from each other (which is around 18,160 kilometres) our friendship seems to grow stronger and we understand one another more as we face the positives and negatives of life. My heart is warmed from the glow in her eyes and I am filled with gratitude that she has become so close to me. I miss her laugh already, and hope to see her again soon, maybe next time in Holland!

Loooooove these next two!

Then the evening light set in…

I’m a little bit overwhelmed with her elegance and grace in these next few.

I love the way the sun softly glows through her hair!

I am so thankful for a friend like Esther.

Which one was your favourite?


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2 thoughts on “Esther.

  1. Thank you so much! ik ben ook ontzettend dankbaar voor onze vriendschap. Je bent een geweldig mens! Ik zie uit naar onze volgende ontmoeting!! See you soon, my dear friend 🙂 Lots of love Esther xxx

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