So here they are, finally! All my photos that look like tourist snapshots. When I’m travelling I always want to take a million photos but ofcourse I don’t have the time to sit down for a few hours and wait for the perfect landscape shot. One day I will!!

There are quite a few to get through, but I thought I would show you the amazing country we live in, and how much I want to move to the South Island!!

Fig and pistachio icecream! Yum!

The water was so unbelievably clear and incredibly cold! Apparently the water is 99.9% pure! And yes, those are my geeky tourist shoes. Don’t judge.

The views were just incredible, but it was so ridiculously hot that some photos look a bit ‘hazy’. I was happy that it doesn’t get humid in the South Island, otherwise I would have suffocated!

I rode up the Skyline Gondola and witnessed the majestic Remarkable Mountains. It was breathtaking. I can’t wait to return in autumn, when the tops will be layered with snow and the trees will be showered in colours!

I sat down for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and marvelled at the delicious food that I got served. It was so nice just to sit down and look at the views, read my book, and drink some wine. Bliss!

Then a little tiki tour out and about…

And every evening I sat in silence and watched the sun go down amidst the chatter of tourists, clinking of wine glasses, laughter of visitors, and the sound of nature. There’s nothing quite like the South Island I tell ya! I have yet to see much more.

Goodbye Queenstown, I will hopefully be seeing you soon! I might have fallen in love with the South Island a little bit.

And for you dear reader, until my next blog post!


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