A Very Special Mother’s Day Shoot With The Thornleys.

My goodness, what to say about this family and their incredible story. I’m a little overwhelmed with the joy and peace that was so evident in their little family as we spoke about the highs and lows of life together. Their absolute faith and trust in God completely stunned me, and this is why:

Talia suffers from a rare disease which needs to be treated with chemotherapy. She had been having breathing trouble for the past six years and recently learned about her illness. Her and Timon got married in October 2011 and had not planned to expand their family for at least two years. But a month after their wedding, they unexpectedly fell pregnant with their gorgeous little miracle. Now that Talia is beginning treatment, she won’t be able to have another child anytime soon. But I was filled with deep admiration for them when they said with such certainty and joy how grateful they were for the child God gave them before it might have been too late to even start a family.

They were so at peace with this stage in their life and completely trusted God with what may or may not happen in their future. It is so amazing to meet people who take something so challenging and hard, and consider it a blessing. I loved that Melina, their daughter’s name, means ‘Love God’s gracious gift’.

I don’t know about you, but a story like this gives me hope and faith that God has a plan which, to us, may seem like the absolute opposite of what we need, but with Him, there is no such thing as that. He knows our struggles, and he knows our hearts. He knows what is best for us, and time and time again He overwhelms us with His never ending love and direction. With Him, all things are possible.

I know that these photos will give you a glimpse of the love and joy that shines out of this family, and I pray that it will give you the same hope and encouragement that they gave me through their incredible faith in God.

1G0A8114-3 copy 1G0A8143-8double copy 1G0A8155-1-2 copy

Just look at them!!

1G0A8163-2 copy 1G0A8156-1 copy 1G0A8176-1-2 copy 1G0A8184-5 copy 1G0A8185-6double copy

Daddy and daughter were just adorable.

1G0A8205-6 copy 1G0A8207-7 copy 1G0A8209-1-2 copy 1G0A8196-3double copy 1G0A8215-1-2 copy

So much love!

1G0A8257-1-2 copy 1G0A8258-2 copy

I couldn’t get enough of this gorgeous little girl. She was so content sitting there and smiling away! We couldn’t get her to stop sucking her thumb most of the time, too cute!

1G0A8277-6 copy 1G0A8285-7 copy 1G0A8288-9 triple copy 1G0A8294-1 copy 1G0A8300-1-2 copy 1G0A8301-1-2 copy 1G0A8307-2 triple copy 1G0A8309-3 copy

We strolled to the water and sat under a beautiful tree with warm red leaves. Thanks to the random ladies who helped Melina look my way!

1G0A8351-4 copy 1G0A8362-7 copy 1G0A8379-1 copy

1G0A8414-1-2 copy 1G0A8384-2 copy 1G0A8402-3 copy

And then ofcourse I couldn’t resist photographing the love between these two!

1G0A8438-3 copy 1G0A8445-4double copy 1G0A8451-1-2 copy 1G0A8459-6 copy 1G0A8468-1-2 copy

This last photo might just have to be my favourite. Too cute for words!!

1G0A8481-7 copy 1G0A8484-8 copy 1G0A8496-1 copy

Thanks Talia & Timon for letting me capture your beautiful family. I know you will continue to inspire many people with the joy and love in your family, and I pray that whatever happens, it will bring you closer together with Him.


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