The Boys At Studio 64.

I got to know Dan and Sheldon through working at a local cafe in Tauranga. I instantly warmed to these two, because of their enthusiasm, warm smiles, and genuine interest in what people are all about. They told me about their business, and in turn I told them about mine! So as a result they asked me to photograph them for their websites. They work with several other business growers in Studio 64 , a positive and friendly co-working space. These guys are passionate and totally committed to what they do, and I have learned a lot from them through the way they do business!

Dan is a marketing consultant for his Tauranga business The Likeable Marketing Co. and is doing a great job at helping to promote businesses in the Bay. His genuine care and enthusiasm for what he does really makes him a business man you want to go and see!

Sheldon is the chief for his business Marketing First  and has even given me some really useful tips for my business. Besides being hilarious and totally genuine, his passion for his work really shines through his ongoing success.

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