Kasey, Denali & Frida.

There is just WAY too much cuteness going on in these photos! From the moment I met Denali, I just adored him. But it wasn’t the first time I had met him! Five years ago my dear friend Kasey gave birth to her beautiful little boy, and now she shares him with her totally adorable daughter Frida. I held Denali when he was just a baby!

When you don’t see someone for quite a number of years, you wonder how they have changed, and how different they might be from when you knew them earlier in life. I loved seeing the change in Kasey. Being a mother has done her good! The love she puts into her family is clearly visible by her happy and zestful boy, and when Frida cried for her mum, she held her close and whispered sweet words.

This beautiful little family made me smile, and I just could not get enough of photographing Denali. He was even co-ordinating me from what angle to shoot him and where we should go so it “looks cooler”! I love kids, especially those who put a new meaning to seizing the day.

1G0A8908-3 1G0A8929-1 1G0A8923-4 1G0A8926-5double

‘We can’t forget to take a photo of my toy okay?” How could I not photograph Megamind?!


So he casually put his hands on his face, and I asked him to do it again. AHHHH THE CUTENESS!


1G0A8934-2 1G0A8952-4-2 1G0A8995-3 1G0A9029-3

Then ofcourse I had to photograph Kasey and her beautiful daughter. So precious! And technically, Denali actually took this first picture. He looked through the lens and told me when to push the button! He’s got skill!

1G0A8963-1 1G0A9000-4

What a great time we had! As soon as he put the daisy in his hair he said, “Now I look like a real cowboy!” That’s one stunning cowboy I say.

1G0A9052-6 1G0A9054-7

1G0A9058-9 1G0A9062-1 1G0A9065-11

Kasey, hold on tight to those beautiful kids you have, they’re something special!! xx

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