The de Jong Family.

I might be a little bias, but this has to be the most beautiful family I know. Bart is my dear brother (very handsome I know), and Lorilee is my stunning sister-in-law, who has become like a sister to me over the years. They have gone through so much together and have held onto each other faithfully during the good and the bad, and it shows through their incredible love for each other and their gorgeous little boy Noah.

Some of you might remember that he was born at 25 weeks old (14 weeks early) and that was a challenging time for our whole family. But God’s grace and love prevailed and he is growing into an intelligent, joyful, and deeply lovable little man.

I loved photographing them, and seeing the love in their little family reminded me again of why I love doing what I do. Documenting moments like these for people is something I truly treasure, and as I look and smile through the images, I am so grateful I get to give them these memories.

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What a beautiful little boy. He’s gonna have to fight off the girls when he’s older I bet!

I guess you can’t have such a beautiful child without his insanely goodlooking parents!

I just LOVE these next images. So much joy in that family, and Noah’s laughter was so adorable.

My heart just melts when you see these three together. So much love!

1G0A9450-2 copy 1G0A9471-7 double copy 1G0A9477-1 copy

Bart, Lorilee and Noah, I love you all so much and I’m so glad I could document this moment in your life for you xx


2 thoughts on “The de Jong Family.

  1. Wow these photos are so well done! And I can agree, this family is an awesome family and really cool people! So much love there and so inspiring to others!

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