Clara & Maria.

Goodness I just adore these two gorgeous girls! Their family is part of an organisation called YWAM and are staying in and experiencing New Zealand up close, hoping to stay long term. They are all beaming with joy and share their love with everyone they meet. I get a big kiss and hug from each of their family members each time I see them, it’s very heart warming! I have only known them for a short time, but I already feel blessed to know them, and can’t wait to share more of life with them!

So without further ado, here are Clara and Maria, two loving, joyful, and contagiously energetic two sisters!

They giggled and played with each other so easily and affectionately…

Love their smiles!

Love this beautiful girl’s dimples! She definitely looks like her mama.

Loved those red shoes! Then there’s the oh so gracious and elegant Maria…

Even though it was a gloomy day, the colours were beautiful, and these girls made the day x

Clara and Maria, you are both so beautiful, and I hope to see so much more of you!! xx

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