Milena Turns One.

Remember this beautiful little girl? I photographed their family just a few months ago before Milena’s mum went for chemotherapy treatment. On Sunday their whole family celebrated her first birthday, and it was a special time to have them all together on the same day. Talia goes back for treatment this coming weekend, so having everyone celebrating together was very special for her.

I’m so happy I got to capture their special little girl’s day.

1G0A9958-2 1G0A9956-1 1G0A9948-3 1G0A9943-1 1G0A0129-5 1G0A0127-3 1G0A9986-3 double 1G0A0003-1 copy 1G0A0031-1 copy 1G0A0033-2 copy 1G0A0011-2 double

So adorable!

1G0A0056-1 copy 1G0A0062-2 copy 1G0A0064-3 copy 1G0A0102-8 copy 1G0A0067-1 double

Kids looooove bubbles!!

1G0A0068-2 copy 1G0A0074-3 copy 1G0A0083-4 copy 1G0A0089-6 copy 1G0A0088-5 copy 1G0A0095-1 copy

SO much love and joy in one family!

1G0A9973-1 copy 1G0A0131-6 copy 1G0A0219-1 1G0A0156-1 copy 1G0A0178-1 copy 1G0A0212-2 1G0A0208-1-2

Such a beautiful little girl and an amazing family! xx


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