Brazil Chapter One.

Since I don´t have proper access to a computer, or Lightroom for that matter, I can only upload pictures I have taken on my iPod for the time I am in Brazil.

For those of you that don´t know, on September 24 I stepped on a plane to tour Brazil with some of my Brazilian musician friends. Of course, along with that, I took my Canon 5D Mk III with me, as I couldn´t miss the opportunity to take some incredibly memorable pictures.


These are the mountains of Chile, and they were the first glimpse I got of South America. It really took my breath away, and this picture is only part of how amazing it looked from above. It makes you feel very small looking at that majestic scene!

I am loving taking pictures of every day life in Brazil, especially in Campos Dos Goytacazes, where I´m currently staying. Little market stalls, multiple people on one scooter or bike, horse carriages with big loads, and the insane amount of Beatle cars driving around! It is a delight to see, and very different from New Zealand.

These people above are part of the Favelas (homes in poverty), and call themselves the Farofa community. I wanted to see this part of the city not only to take photos of this kind of life (which I can´t wait to show you!) but also to understand Brazil a little better, however difficult that might be to see. These people live without much at all, but they are content with every day life, playing and laughing with eachother. It´s sad to see that drugs are so easily involved for them to survive, but the welcome I got was incredible.

At first the people were very shy, and I wasn´t sure if I was gonna get kidnapped or shunned to be honest! But as soon as my friend Dudu introduced me and asked to take pictures they warmed up and literally started posing like models and tough guys! I loved it! Even though they had very little, they asked me for my Facebook link above all things, and wanted me to upload the photos once I return to New Zealand! I felt very honoured and humbled by their genuine smiles, hugs and laughter. They even invited me to come and samba & drink with them this coming weekend, but I am still contemplating that offer 😉

All in all, I am loving my time here in Brazil. The people are often staring at me, because I look so different to them. They call me a gringa, and they love to ask where I´m from and what I´m all about. I also receive special perks and offers, which ordinary Brazilians don´t get, so that´s made me laugh quite a lot!

I have found the Brazilians to be extremely welcoming, warm, and enthusiastic people. They know exactly how to party, and have a kind of comradery that I haven´t found anywhere else as of yet. Big kisses and hugs are never in shortage!

As I spend more time here, I will try and give you more updates. I really can´t wait to show you what pictures I took with my Canon, now I wish I had taken my own laptop! But the wait will be worth it!

Much love and until next time!




One thought on “Brazil Chapter One.

  1. Lieve Jans, Leuk om even wat te lezen over je belevenissen daar! Klinkt alsof je een geweldige tijd hebt!! Geniet ervan meid! Dikke kus Es

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