Brazil – The Farofa Community.

Muito obrigada Communidade Da Farofa pro sua hospitalidade e amor, eu vou sempre lembrar do seu riso, conversa e abraços reconfortantes!! xx

This incredibly welcoming and heartwarming community in the outskirts of Campos Dos Goytacazes, Brasil, were a delight to come across. I wanted to see a different part of Brazil and be amongst people who live life differently to what we are used to. When we first approached them, they were all very shy and unsure about what to do with this completely white and blonde foreigner, but when they understood I wanted to take photos and meet them, they warmed up and showed me their beautiful smiles.

I was very overwhelmed by their enthusiasm, genuine smiles, and their utter joy at welcoming me into their homes. We spent the whole time chatting (via translation of course!), laughing, and exchanging Facebook details. Yes, Facebook! It’s a strange reality to meet people who seem to have so little, but are so content with what they have. Sounds cheesy I know, but if you’ve been in a similar situation, I’m sure you can relate.

Besides this community (which are the first 8 photos), we also visited another Favela community where we experienced the same friendliness and hospitality by people who are completely content with what they have right there and then.

Thank you Farofa Community for welcoming me with such hospitality and love, I will always remember your laughs, chatter, and comforting embraces.

1G0A1099-5 copy 1G0A1120-10 copy 1G0A1115-9 copy 1G0A1103-6 copy

“Jesus, this name has power.”

1G0A1142-14 copy 1G0A1137-13 copy 1G0A1135-12 copy 1G0A1152-15 copy

The Farofa community…

1G0A1172-22 copy 1G0A1160-17 double copy 1G0A1164-3 double copy 1G0A1175-23 1G0A1177-24 double copy 1G0A1180-2 copy 1G0A1189-27 copy 1G0A1183-26 copy

Te amo!! xx


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