My 23rd Birthday.

I don’t usually let other people play with my Mk III, but hey, when you let them experiment, there’s always a nice surprise hiding in there somewhere! And when your own sister is total model material, I had to use the beautiful golden light to capture her as well.

I don’t need a big celebration for my birthdays, as long as the people I love are there, it’s good for me. Plus, when you live 15 minutes away from the beach, it’s always a bonus. We had a warm and windy evening full of laughter and love, with the sand between our toes and the sound of the waves gently whispering beneath our conversations. Gosh that was poetic wasn’t it.

Happy birthday to me! x

“Janneke, can we try this? And can we try this? Can you take a photo of this?”


And then of course there was my beautiful little sis x

1G0A2139-1-2 copy 1G0A2140-2 copy 1G0A2158-1 copy 1G0A2166-1 1G0A2167-2 double copy 1G0A2169-3 double copy 1G0A2194-1-2 copy

I love the dunes. And the sand. And flowy skirts.

T’was the day of the 11th of the 11th of 2013 x


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