Rachel & Nick Engaged.

Oh my goodness I just love these two! Rachel and Nick are some of the sweetest people I have met. It was so much fun getting to know them and relaxing with each other along the way. Rachel brought her own props and wore the cutest blue dress to fit the warm windy afternoon. I couldn’t help smiling the whole time as I edited these photos. I love it when a couple is so in love that it shines through in every picture and every gesture.

Thank you so much Rachel and Nick, I am already SO excited for your wedding in February!!

So cute!

Geez, you guys rocked that camera!

Love this!!

I see a bit of mischief in those eyes! This might just be one of my favourites!

Just beautiful Rachel! Love that dress!

Gahhh how adorable!

Even when you have no clue who these two are, you can clearly see the love that has grown between them. Not long until the wedding!!!

Janneke x


One thought on “Rachel & Nick Engaged.

  1. Wow they are all stunning, I am so happy with them all! Thank you for your beautiful comments Janny and thank you so much for being a part of our wedding. You have made everything so relaxing and fun so far and I’m really looking forward to doing this all again on the big day!

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