A Break In Waihi.

You know those kind of days where you just need to get away to clear your mind or just generally feel refreshed? Well, today was one of those days for me. I have been working long days, and besides standing on my feet all day, I try to do my work out at least five times a week. So as you can guess, sometimes I feel totally exhausted and ready to put my feet on the couch all day.

But rather than sitting at home all day, especially on a rather rainy and muggy day, I like to go somewhere where I don’t know anyone and read, write, enjoy a coffee and some lunch or breakfast, walk on the beach and soak in the sun. Despite the ever changing light and heavy droplets of rain throughout the late morning, I wanted to go anyway and it was rewarding when the weather cleared up in the early afternoon.

I drove to the Flat White Cafe next to a quiet beach and had an incredible salmon quinoa salad followed by a nice hot soya latte. I like a cafe with beachy decorations and homemade crafts lying all around. I continued reading The Shack (amazing book) and drove past the Waihi Waterlily Gardens where I’ll be photographing a wedding later this month. I can’t wait, it looks beautiful! On the way I stopped at a quiet and stunning lookout just before Katikati. I love that in a lot of places in New Zealand you can drive 2 minutes off the main highway and be in a completely different and remote place, with only the crickets (and the occasional annoying fly) to keep you company.

I then continued home with Mumford & Sons blasting through my speakers, the sun shining on my shoulders, and the warm wind stroking my cheeks and brushing past my hair. It was a good day.


The beautiful view.

Shameless selfie. Oops.

Anyone want to come with me next time? It might be in Holland though…



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