Amsterdam – My First Day.

As some of you may know, after living in New Zealand for almost 10 years since I was thirteen, I made the slightly crazy decision to move back to Holland to start a new job. I’ll be working as an au pair whilst further pursuing my dream of being a photographer and musician full-time one day. I will be writing about my experience of the Dutch culture and its people, and how I experience its changes since I moved back.

You can journey along with my scribbles by following this blog, or just because you think my photographs rule.

I left New Zealand on the 6th of March and left behind my beautiful and loving family in Tauranga. Many many tears were shed (I didn’t know I could cry that much), but I held on to the fact that this was going to be a new, challenging, and exciting adventure. So many things to do, so many things to see.

I arrived in The Netherlands at 6.10AM on the 7th of March and stumbled out of the airport completely exhausted and jet lagged. My long legs and bad back did not help lack of comfort during the 13 1/2 hour flight. But luckily I sat next to a lovely Columbian born gentleman who I talked with for many hours about faith in particular.

After arriving what is to be my home for the next year, I took a deep breath, looked around my new room, and started unpacking my overweight suitcase. There were a million thoughts running through my head as we drove there, including one that goes something like this; “What the heck am I actually doing?!” I suppose that’s normal for anyone who books a one-way ticket to the other side of the world.

So after settling in a little bit for about an hour, I went for a walk around the Lindengracht in Amsterdam. I am a little overwhelmed by all the bikes, close-driving cars, strange cold weather, and the occasional whiff of a drug-like substance (yes, I am talking about weed) passing through the streets. Slightly different from the crickets, warm sunshine, rustling of palm trees, and crisp New Zealand air surrounding my five senses.

Can I get used to this? Let’s see what the year brings. Happy day one of a new adventure x

2014-03-08_0002 2014-03-08_0003 2014-03-08_0004 2014-03-08_0005 2014-03-08_0001 2014-03-08_0008 2014-03-08_0009 2014-03-08_0007 2014-03-08_0015 2014-03-08_0016 2014-03-08_0011 2014-03-08_0014 2014-03-08_0012 2014-03-08_0017 2014-03-08_0010 2014-03-08_0013 2014-03-08_0006

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