Amsterdam – My Third Day.

No, I’m not gonna publish a blog post every day, but I do want to share as much of what I experience with you as I can. I know a lot of images all the time get a bit tedious, so I shall make it exciting for you, I hope.

Today I visited Vineyard Church on the Keizersgracht and met some lovely people who invited me for a picnic lunch in the Amsterdam Bos (forest). It was another gorgeous sunny day and since I haven’t yet got my own bike, I jumped on the back of one of my new friend’s bikes and delighted in having the sun and wind brush my face whilst sightseeing the busier parts of Amsterdam.

We ate a delicious lunch, sunbathed, and chatted for the afternoon and then I took the bus home.

I didn’t actually take any pictures of this experience…sorry…but rather of my part of the street whilst the sun slowly set. I’m gonna check with my host parents if I can jump on the roof and photograph the sunset from there (fingers crossed!!) and then give you a beautiful insight from there.

So for now, here’s just a glimpse of the pictures I will be taking on my journey with you x

1G0A5830-1 1G0A5833-2 1G0A5825-1


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