Amsterdam – The Busy City.


This weekend I ‘braved’ biking to and through the busier parts of Amsterdam, including Leidseplein and close to the beautiful Vondelpark. I also had another stroll around unfamiliar parts in my neighbourhood. I like it when there are lots of people, it gives me more of a chance to photograph life. Of course during the day I had to get my soy chai latte fix, so I went to this lovely little cafe ‘PIQNIC’, just across the road from my house, whose owner had just been in New Zealand. I still have to get used to the sound of trams, bike bells, car horns and constant chatter all around me, but it is very exciting.

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My neigbourhood…

2014-03-12_0012 2014-03-12_0011 2014-03-12_0001 2014-03-12_0002 2014-03-12_0004 2014-03-12_0003

2014-03-12_0015 2014-03-12_0018 2014-03-12_0014 2014-03-12_0017 2014-03-12_0019 2014-03-12_0016 2014-03-12_0022 2014-03-12_0021 2014-03-12_0020

The lovely cafe…

2014-03-12_0009 2014-03-12_0006 2014-03-12_0007 2014-03-12_0008 2014-03-12_0005 2014-03-12_0010

The city…

2014-03-16_0003 2014-03-16_0008 2014-03-16_0007 2014-03-16_0001 2014-03-16_0006 2014-03-16_0009 2014-03-16_0005

And yes, it says “Club Nasty”. Oh dear…

2014-03-16_0010 2014-03-16_0002 2014-03-16_0004

Even though I am used to a lot of silence, mountains, and greens around me, I see so much beauty in and around this city, in a different way


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