Esther In Amsterdam.

BEFORE I BEGIN: I have a project in mind that I want to begin during my (indefinite) stay in The Netherlands. It involves couples. If you’re curious and like trying something a little different (in front of the camera) and like my work then keep up to date with Tranquility Photography on Facebook, and stay tuned to hear more about this!

Now, back to this post. My dearest friend Esther came to visit me in Amsterdam this weekend. We hadn’t seen each other for over two years, but each time we meet again it’s as though we picked up where we left off just a few days ago. I photographed her once before when she visited New Zealand in 2012, so when we were strolling around in the middle of Amsterdam and I asked her if she’d like to do a little impromptu session, she was instantly keen! First we had a little bite and cuppa, and then we made the most of the beautiful day.

2014-04-06_0002 2014-04-06_0003 2014-04-06_0004 2014-04-06_00062014-04-06_0007 2014-04-06_0008 2014-04-06_0009 2014-04-06_0010 2014-04-06_0011 2014-04-06_0012Did you notice they have a coffee called ‘Janneke’? Even more reasons my name is cool.

Anyway, we got a lot of curious onlookers as they passed by, and the occasional flock of random tourists photographing me photographing her…if that makes sense. But that didn’t stop her from relaxing in front of the camera, in fact it made us laugh and enjoy ourselves even more!

2014-04-07_0005 2014-04-07_0008 2014-04-07_0007 2014-04-07_0010 2014-04-07_0009 2014-04-07_0006

Hhhhmmm love this light…

2014-04-07_0014 2014-04-07_0013 2014-04-07_0015 2014-04-07_0011 2014-04-07_0012 2014-04-07_0017 2014-04-07_0016

These next four…so my favourites!

1G0A6278-1 copy

2014-04-07_0019 2014-04-07_0020 2014-04-07_0022 2014-04-07_0021

Museumplein…love this part of Amsterdam.

2014-04-07_0023 2014-04-07_0029 2014-04-07_0024 2014-04-07_0025

And then we finished off the day at Amsterdam Centraal Station!


2014-04-07_0028 2014-04-07_0027

So many places to have fun with the camera in Amsterdam!


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