Love – Kristina & Wim.

Right by the famous Nemo building, the Amsterdam Conservatorium, and Public Library, I photographed Kristina and Wim on a cloudy Sunday afternoon. We had never met before, but we warmed up to each other very easily and started having fun straight away! I had so much fun spending time with these two, and I would love to explore more of these areas with other couples!

I love the beautiful wharf that looks out across the many significant and authentic parts of Amsterdam.

2014-04-14_0003 2014-04-14_0001 2014-04-14_0002

Seriously, this is the first photo I took of these cuties. Wim just went for it! Woohoo!


2014-04-14_0004 2014-04-14_0007 2014-04-07_0004 2014-04-14_0009 2014-04-14_0013 2014-04-14_0015 2014-04-14_0016 2014-04-14_0019

Gahhh! So cute!

2014-04-14_0018 2014-04-14_0042 2014-04-14_0036 2014-04-14_0034

2014-04-14_0033 2014-04-14_0032 2014-04-14_0030 2014-04-14_0031

Look at her beautiful eyes!


My fav!

2014-04-14_0038 2014-04-14_0024 2014-04-14_0023 2014-04-14_0041 2014-04-14_0022

Graffiti is cool. Well, in this case it is.

2014-04-14_0028 2014-04-14_0027 2014-04-14_0026

And last, but definitely not least…LOVE IT.


Thank you Kristina & Wim for such a great afternoon of laughs and a little bit of awkwardness (haha), for being yourself, and for showing me how to be beautiful together x

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