A Morning In The Dutch Biesbosch.

At 7AM on a stunning and chilly wednesday morning ‘Ome Kees’ (uncle Kees, or basically my second dad) and I went for a canoe in the beautiful Dutch Biesbosch in Sliedrecht. Gosh I love this place, especially when it’s such a still and sunny day, and no one else is around.

The only things you can hear are the crackling of the reeds, the strokes of the oars on the water and the droplets slipping off the front of the canoe, the flapping of bird wings and the occasional fly or bee playing around your ears. It’s literally only 15 minutes from where we live, but it’s like you’ve entered a whole different world. I need to come here more often.

2014-04-17_0001 2014-04-17_0002 2014-04-17_0003 2014-04-17_0004

Gotta love these reflections!!

2014-04-17_0005 2014-04-17_0006 2014-04-17_0007 2014-04-17_0008 2014-04-17_0009

And yes, it really was this green. So so beautiful.

2014-04-17_0010 2014-04-17_0011 2014-04-17_0012 2014-04-17_0013 2014-04-17_0014 2014-04-17_0015 2014-04-17_0016

I still love trees…

2014-04-17_0017 2014-04-17_0018 2014-04-17_0022 2014-04-17_0019 2014-04-17_0021

A little rest by the water…

2014-04-17_0024 2014-04-17_0027 2014-04-17_0031 2014-04-17_0032 2014-04-17_0028

This is just one of those places I will never tire of.

2014-04-17_0035 2014-04-17_0034

2014-04-17_0029 2014-04-17_0033 2014-04-17_0026 2014-04-17_0030 2014-04-17_0025 2014-04-17_0020

So close to home, and such a nice place to just…breathe x


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