Portrait – Amber.

I have known Amber pretty much all my life, but I hadn’t seen her for nearly ten years since emigrating to New Zealand in 2004. It was so nice to see her again and continue doing life with her. She’s completely hilarious and beautifully confident, and I loved photographing her on a stunning Saturday evening. Love that sunset light!

2014-04-25_0001 2014-04-25_0003 2014-04-25_0004 2014-04-25_0006 2014-04-25_0008 2014-04-25_0009

I love the way the light glows through her hair!

2014-04-25_0010 2014-04-25_0011 2014-04-25_0012 2014-04-25_0013 2014-04-25_0014


2014-04-25_0015 2014-04-25_0017 2014-04-25_0019

Such a simple, yet beautiful necklace. A gift from her grandmother!

2014-04-25_0020 2014-04-25_0021 2014-04-25_0022 2014-04-25_0023 2014-04-25_0024 2014-04-25_0025

We were literally chasing the sunset, and found the loveliest light just after the sun went down…

2014-04-25_0026 2014-04-25_0027 2014-04-25_0029 2014-04-25_0030 2014-04-25_0034 2014-04-25_0033 2014-04-25_0032

Such a beautiful young lady! x


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