A Day In The Keukenhof.

Brace yourselves, because I’m about to shower you with multiple colourful flower shots from the beautiful garden we call De Keukenhof in Lisse. My dear grandmother treated me to this day out together, and it was very special spending a day with her in a little slice of paradise. I’m usually not really a fan of photographing flowers, because I think half the planet posts pictures of flowers and plants on the internet, but this garden is truly breathtaking. The colours and fragances instantly make you feel better and happier, and the nice thing is that everyone around you is just calmly and slowly enjoying the views without disturbing the garden. The sun was shining and the weather was hot, and the light was lighting up the colours beautifully.

2014-04-25_0035 2014-04-25_0036 2014-04-25_0040 2014-04-25_0041 2014-04-25_0037 2014-04-25_0038

2014-04-25_0042 2014-04-25_0044 2014-04-25_0046 2014-04-25_0043 2014-04-25_0045 2014-04-25_0049

One of my favourites…

2014-04-25_0047 2014-04-25_0048 2014-04-25_0050 2014-04-25_0055

Just look at those gorgeous pink colours!! Gahhhhh!

2014-04-25_0051 2014-04-25_0054 2014-04-25_0052 2014-04-25_0058 2014-04-25_0056

These were my favourite flowers, probably because of the gorgeous combination of colours…

2014-04-25_0057 2014-04-25_0059 2014-04-25_0053 2014-04-25_0060 2014-04-25_0062

Another favourite!


Very cute decorations and stalls around the place…

2014-04-25_0064 2014-04-25_0065 2014-04-25_0063 2014-04-25_0066 2014-04-25_0039

These photos hardly do the Keukenhof justice. If you’re a colour, flower, or general nature lover, you have to take a stroll through this rainbow of creation. But be quick, the season’s nearly over! x


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