Coffee On A Rainy Day.

When it’s pouring with rain one must sometimes go out and drink coffee. So, on Saturday, that’s what we did at the cutest little tea place (how ironic) in Dordrecht.

2014-05-14_0001 2014-05-14_0002 2014-05-14_0003

I can never get enough of these little hidden treasures. It used to be an old house, but the little cafe was built in what was probably once a living room, so adorable!

2014-05-14_0004 2014-05-14_0005 2014-05-14_0006 2014-05-14_0007 2014-05-14_0008 2014-05-14_0009 2014-05-14_0010 2014-05-14_0011 2014-05-14_0012 2014-05-14_0013 2014-05-14_0014

Who says you can’t go out in the rain and enjoy yourself? x


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