A Field Full Of Magic.

Sigh. I might have just ticked off half a box from my bucket list; to be in a yellow field of flowers. This came pretty close, but not quite. How beautiful it was though! This occurrence and appearance is very rare as Kees (my second dad) told me, so I was super lucky to be able to witness this gorgeous field full of yellow, blue, pink, and red flowers. Yellow is my favourite colour, so everything about this little treasure made me feel just a little bit happier!

2014-05-18_0001 2014-05-18_0002 2014-05-18_0003 2014-05-18_0004 2014-05-18_0005 2014-05-18_0006 2014-05-18_0007 2014-05-18_0008 2014-05-18_0009 2014-05-18_0010 2014-05-18_0011

I then handed the camera to Kees and loved the results! It’s cool to see how other people can play around with your camera, and to experience their style of shooting.

2014-05-18_0012 2014-05-18_0013 2014-05-18_0015

Doesn’t that look just amazing?! Well, it was. Too bad the flowers are only there for a short time!

2014-05-18_0016 2014-05-18_0017 2014-05-18_0018

I came back a few hours later in the evening so that I could photograph the field and surroundings in a more soft light. I am in love with evening light! If I had waited maybe another half an hour, the results might even be more lovely.

2014-05-18_0019 2014-05-18_0020 2014-05-18_0022 2014-05-18_0023 2014-05-18_0021 2014-05-18_0024 2014-05-18_0025 2014-05-18_0026

The area is so quaint too. The road runs beside the water, with boats tied up everywhere, people fishing and kayaking, and farms illuminating the sky with that amazing ‘farmy’ smell…you know what I mean! And there was this model of a goat. He seriously stopped to pose like this. Cutie.

2014-05-18_0027 2014-05-18_0028 2014-05-18_0029 2014-05-18_0030 2014-05-18_0031 2014-05-18_0032

The last few I took in a beautiful park I love walking and biking through, and I stopped to get a bit of backlight behind those blow-flower-things… I’m not good with names okay. Then I took some shameless selfies with my friend the field behind me. My grandmother even knows what a selfie is now. I don’t know whether that’s a good or bad thing.

2014-05-18_0033 2014-05-18_0034 2014-05-18_0035 2014-05-18_0036 2014-05-18_0037 2014-05-18_0038

I’m not gonna tell you where this is, because I selfishly want to keep it a little bit for myself. But if I meet you one day, perhaps I’ll show you the way x


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