A Farm In Ottoland.

I love the countryside, and I love everything to do with farms. The smell of cows, hay bales, freshly mowed grass, chicken food, and rusty tractors makes you feel like you’ve just entered a completely different part of Holland.

2014-06-08_0036 2014-06-08_0037

Ottoland is completely stunning. Farmland and old farmhouses everywhere, and when you drive a little further through the back roads, there are endless beautiful Dutch homes on the water side which turns to ice in winter. Because we were driving (during a lovely sunset) I wasn’t able to capture this village, but I’m sure I will revisit this nostalgic place soon. I’m hoping for a cold winter so I can experience the ice skating too!

I wanted to photograph the countryside so Esther (whom I’ve photographed quite a few times now) took me to her cousin’s farm where we were given a bit of a tour of their little remote farm. As a bonus her two gorgeous little boys came and showed us their farming skills too.

2014-06-08_0012 2014-06-08_0013 2014-06-08_0014 2014-06-08_0015 2014-06-08_0016 2014-06-08_0017 2014-06-08_0018

Aren’t they just delightful?!

2014-06-08_0019 2014-06-08_0020 2014-06-08_0021 2014-06-08_0022 2014-06-08_0023 2014-06-08_0024 2014-06-08_0025

Maybe I will move to the countryside…

2014-06-08_0026 2014-06-08_0027 2014-06-08_0028 2014-06-08_0029

The sunset was absolutely breathtaking, and we took a little stroll around the properties and waterside. Ofcourse we could not help but take a few portrait shots. Esther even took some of me! I LOVE this driveway, just look at those trees!

1G0A8291-5 2014-06-08_0003 2014-06-08_0002 1G0A8203-4 1G0A8133-3 1G0A8121-2 1G0A8120-1

2014-06-08_0040 2014-06-08_0031 2014-06-08_0039

Yes, I did take that upside down.


Now for some portraits…

2014-06-08_0004 2014-06-08_0005 2014-06-08_0001 2014-06-08_0006 2014-06-08_0034 2014-06-08_0033 2014-06-08_0035



I am definitely not a city girl! Love love LOVE this part of the country x


2 thoughts on “A Farm In Ottoland.

  1. Beautiful photos and subjects. I was partially raised on a farm and once you have lived on a farm it never leaves you. Thank you for reminding me. Thank you for sharing it all and take care. -Max-

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