A Sunny Day In Renesse, The Netherlands.

Have you been to Renesse? Tell me your experience in the comments!

Even though I’m not much of a beach/ocean person, sometimes I just need one of those days to soak in the sun, listen to the Beach Boys, have a picnic, and eat ice cream. Today was one of those days. The weather was beautifully sunny and the wind was strong enough to forget about the sunburn which I discovered in the mirror at the end of the day. Ouch!

Since the summer holidays haven’t started just yet and today was the middle of the week, hardly anyone was on the beach. Bliss! First we had a little walk through the camping ground we’ll be staying at for a nearby weekend, such cuteness everywhere!

1G0A8468-2 2014-06-25_0001 1G0A8472-5 1G0A8473-6 1G0A8477-10 1G0A8474-7 1G0A8480-11 1G0A8476-9 1G0A8490-17 1G0A8489-16 2014-06-25_0007 1G0A8485-15 1G0A8497-22 1G0A8484-14 2014-06-25_0006

It was a bit colder than we first thought!

1G0A8493-19 1G0A8494-20 1G0A8495-21 1G0A8500-23 1G0A8503-24 1G0A8516-26 1G0A8506-25 1G0A8517-27 1G0A8518-28

I went for a little stroll in the dunes…

1G0A8524-31 1G0A8540-35 1G0A8529-33 1G0A8539-34 1G0A8526-32

I love this restaurant, the whole inside was decorated beach-style (of course, what else)!

1G0A8550-39 2014-06-25_0004 1G0A8559-45 2014-06-25_0003 1G0A8561-47 2014-06-25_0002 1G0A8545-36 2014-06-25_0008 1G0A8563-49 2014-06-25_0005 1G0A8565-51 1G0A8567-52

And yes, pretty much the whole country is currently orange. Hup Holland Hup!


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