The Best Weekend Since Ages Ago.

You know that feeling when you just HAVE to get out and feel like you’re really on holiday? Well, I haven’t had a proper holiday for a very long time but this weekend I definitely got that ‘feeling’, you know the kind I mean? The fresh air of Zeeland, the sound of seagulls chatting and tapping on the caravan roof, the distant mumbling and laughter of fellow campers, and the taste of sea salt on my lips.

Plus, of course, the good food, the crazy cheering for Holland vs Costa Rica in a bar filled with orange people (you know what I mean), souvenir shopping, and the extra dark and extra delicious dairy free icecream (yes, there is such a thing). My kind of weekend!

In my previous post about Renesse the weather was beautifully sunny on a wednesday, but on the Sunday we were welcomed with a gloomy cloud that gave us about 30 seconds of torrential hail. But it made for wonderful photos. Luckily the monday was gloriously and perfectly windy and sunny, and it made it even harder to return to working reality!

1G0A8574-2 1G0A8579-4 2014-07-09_0007 1G0A8581-5 1G0A8588-8 1G0A8584-6

Horses have and will always be my favourite animal. I love everything about them. So when we went exploring on our bikes we came across this lovely little meadow while the sun was slowly setting. One horse must have been sick of his itchy fly mask, and so as we stood there scratching his neck, he was happily becoming our friend.

1G0A8596-9 1G0A8611-11 1G0A8599-10 1G0A8618-14 1G0A8613-12 1G0A8617-13 1G0A8621-15 1G0A8623-16

I LOVED the look of this little hidden treasure. It was sneakily tucked in at the end of a beautiful little driveway that connects to the main road. Love those windows!

1G0A8639-26 1G0A8642-27 2014-07-09_0004 1G0A8643-28 1G0A8644-29 1G0A8647-32

Renesse is full of nifty little shops and restaurants, and apart from one place, we had a great experience eating and shopping there.

1G0A8664-38 2014-07-09_0002 1G0A8679-40 2014-07-09_0003 1G0A8633-20 2014-07-09_0006 1G0A8661-36 2014-07-09_0005

1G0A8638-25 1G0A8637-24 1G0A8670-39


See how the wind is making ‘sand waves’? Beautiful, but very sore on bare legs!

Have a lovely Wednesday x


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