Cute Cousins In Putten, The Netherlands.

This Monday I spent a beautifully sunny and momentarily rainy day in Putten, The Netherlands. My uncle and his family are spending their holiday there and so my oma and I went over and spent some quality time with him, his wife and three kids. I have to mention that I haven’t spent proper time with them in 10 years so it was very special, and has been very special since I’ve been back in Holland.

1G0A8805-2 1G0A8822-9 2014-08-13_0003 1G0A8812-6 2014-08-13_0002 1G0A8823-10 1G0A8816-7 2014-08-13_0001 1G0A8810-5 2014-08-13_0004 1G0A8807-4

We explored the surrounding forest a bit, and I loved the simple things that kids find joy in, like finding a little beetle family, hiding behind a tree, or looking for the best pine nut amongst thousands of other leaves, nuts and creatures around.

1G0A8849-19 1G0A8850-20 1G0A8854-22 1G0A8852-21


They were more than keen for me to photograph them, and don’t they just look gorgeous?!

1G0A8880-2 1G0A8876-1 1G0A8903-5 2014-08-14_0001 1G0A8914-6 1G0A8915-7 1G0A8923-9 1G0A8924-10 1G0A8932-11 1G0A8938-12 1G0A8943-13 1G0A8944-1 1G0A8945-15 1G0A8960-16 1G0A8968-18 1G0A8996-21 1G0A8993-20

Yep, I’m related to them! Can you tell? 😉

1G0A9021-24 1G0A9017-23 1G0A9028-25 1G0A9043-1 1G0A8840-1 1G0A9060-31 1G0A9076-33 1G0A9075-32 1G0A9058-30

Definitely gonna miss this lot! x


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