High Tea In A Villa.

For my surrogate mum’s birthday her three daughters and I treated her to a high tea in Villa Augustus in Dordrecht, The Netherlands. I love this place. It’s got so many quirky corners, decorations and words written on walls, it’s totally my kind of scene.

1G0A8683-1 1G0A8696-12 2014-08-19_0005 1G0A8684-2 1G0A8703-18 2014-08-19_0001 1G0A8688-6 2014-08-19_0003 1G0A8698-13 2014-08-19_0004 1G0A8705-19 1G0A8693-9 1G0A8692-8 1G0A8694-10 2014-08-19_0002

Afterwards I took a few quick shots of these beautiful ladies. A mother and her three wonderful daughters.


1G0A8735-1 1G0A8747-1 1G0A8716-1

Gorgeous ladies! x


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