A Beautiful Landmark Of Dordrecht.

On my day off this week I cycled to Dordrecht and visited the breathtaking big church by the water in the city. Surrounded by boats, trees, little cafes, shops and houses, this church stands out and has a majestic presence in the old part of town.

This first picture translates: “Walking in the church during the service is strictly forbidden”. Ha, love the good old days.


2014-08-21_0001 1G0A9104-8 1G0A9102-7 1G0A9105-9 2014-08-21_0002

2014-08-21_0006 1G0A9081-2

There was a prayer room where you could light a candle, write down your prayer, and the church would pray for you at the next service. How cool! I loved the prayer below that begins with “Uw naam worde geheiligd, niet de mijne” (Your name be made holy, not mine).

1G0A9117-14 1G0A9113-12 1G0A9119-16 1G0A9111-10 2014-08-21_0010 1G0A9112-11

Building of the church started in the 14th century, but because of a city fire nearly 100 years later the church was damaged and battered. The tower was going to be 108m high after the rebuild, but because of the high risk of breaking it ended up being 72m high.

1G0A9123-18 1G0A9120-17 2014-08-21_0004 2014-08-21_0007 1G0A9126-20

I walked up 275 steps to see the city and man was it worth it!


1G0A9128-21 2014-08-21_0008 1G0A9132-23 1G0A9135-24 1G0A9156-30 1G0A9160-34 1G0A9142-27

This next one? My favourite shot. The peek of the church overlooking the city.

2014-08-21_0005 2014-08-21_0009 1G0A9157-31


Beautiful right?! If you look closer, you can see the Ark Of Noah which was built to actual size!

So much history in these cities…


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