Torri Del Benaco, Italy.

I just spent a wonderful, hilarious, relaxing and beautiful two weeks in Italy, and I just fell in love with the countryside, vineyards, quirky windows and doors, and the beautiful people.

I will be writing about my time here in the next following weeks, each blog describing a different place I visited. My pictures will show you just a glimpse of Italy’s clear waters, colourful houses, decorative windows and breathtaking mountainsides. I feel so blessed to have been able to spend time here, and it’s only made my desire to travel Europe even greater. I hope to return in the next few years to document and experience more culture.

If you’re keen to see more photographs of Italy, plus other photoshoots I do regularly (such as engagements, love sessions, and weddings) just click the follow button on this blog or head on over to Facebook x

1G0A9245-4 1G0A9246-5 1G0A9248-7 2014-09-23_0002 1G0A9257-16 1G0A9262-20 2014-09-23_0005 1G0A9241-1 1G0A9285-38

Gotta love these beautiful churches, they’re everywhere!

1G0A9274-28 2014-09-23_0004 1G0A9268-24 1G0A9283-36 2014-09-23_0003 1G0A9291-42 1G0A9292-43 1G0A9286-39


This is just the beginning of what was such a great time, stay tuned! x


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