Verona, Italy.

Oh, how I love Verona! What a beautiful city in Italy. The buzzing of history, chatter, sunshine and culture, and the endless gorgeous buildings, windows, and doors. Gasp, what a blessing to be able to visit there! Ofcourse I took a gazillion pictures of windows and buildings, and asked Tessa to stand in front of them all the time. Bellissimo! x

1G0A9297-46 1G0A9299-48 2014-09-28_0001 1G0A9302-51 1G0A9303-52 1G0A9317-57 1G0A9307-53 2014-09-28_0002 1G0A9364-93 1G0A9353-88 2014-09-28_0003

How stunning are the details of this square?!

1G0A9383-110 2014-09-28_0004 1G0A9387-114 2014-09-28_0005 1G0A9392-117


1G0A9391-116 2014-09-28_0006

The beautiful castle…

1G0A9431-152 1G0A9437-156 2014-09-28_0008 1G0A9439-158 1G0A9444-163 1G0A9442-161 1G0A9450-166 1G0A9451-167

Ofcourse you can’t go to Italy without eating pizza!!




1G0A9367-96 1G0A9370-99 1G0A9369-98

Casa Di Giulietta…Or Juliet’s House.



1G0A9394-119 1G0A9402-126 1G0A9396-121 2014-09-28_0010 1G0A9459-171 1G0A9474-184


Can you tell that I love it there?!

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