Sharon & Rehuel Engaged.

These two are very special to me. I spent the last 6 months staying with Sharon’s family and during that time I got to know her and Rehuel really well. Sharon has become like a little sister to me and Rehuel like a big brother! I wanted to photograph them from the beginning, and when they got engaged at the beginning of August, we had to grasp the opportunity, especially since I was leaving Holland very soon!

It was a lovely windy and little bit of a sunny day and as they warmed up, got more comfortable, and got cosy together the photographs became more beautiful by the second! Here are some of my favourites x

2014-10-07_0036 2014-10-07_0019 1G0A0608-6 copy

2014-10-07_0025 2014-10-07_0016 2014-10-07_0018 2014-10-07_0017 2014-10-07_0023 2014-10-07_0032 2014-10-07_0027 1G0A0866-65 copy 1G0A0890-1-4 copy 1G0A0749-37 copy 2014-10-07_0013 2014-10-07_0022 1G0A0849-63 copy 2014-10-07_0026 2014-10-07_0034 2014-10-07_0035 2014-10-07_0029 2014-10-07_0024 2014-10-07_0021 1G0A1011-84 1G0A0946-2 copy 1G0A1013-85 1G0A0993-1 copy

Oh so much love! xx

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