Ferrara Di Monte Baldo, Italy

I think I have found one of my favourite places in Europe so far. We drove about 20 minutes up windy hills, on a road accompanied by farms, cows, lonely rocks, blooming trees and grey clouds which neared as we drove further up to the beautiful little village. I am in love!

1G0A9917-38 2014-11-03_0002 1G0A9910-32 1G0A9909-31 1G0A9904-282014-11-03_0001 1G0A9924-45 1G0A9916-37

Oh those colours!

1G0A9925-46 1G0A9926-47 1G0A9933-53 1G0A9927-48 1G0A9954-68 1G0A9935-55 2014-11-03_0003 1G0A9957-71 1G0A9958-72 1G0A9959-731G0A9977-85 1G0A9963-77 1G0A9962-76 1G0A9965-78 1G0A9966-79 1G0A9967-80 1G0A9972-83 1G0A9978-86 1G0A9983-91 1G0A9986-93 1G0A9990-97 1G0A9992-99 1G0A9998-104 1G0A9999-105

The simple life…looks amazing!

Tranquility Photography


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