Dear Kim Kardashian.

Dear Kim,

After all the insults, accusations, criticism and hatred you have had thrown towards you I thought I’d take this from a different angle.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not a fan, but I’m also not a hater.

All that I receive about your through the internet, the ‘entertainment’ news and some snippets of your show are numerous selfies, fashion trends, American accents, high pitched voices, duck faces and picture perfect – slightly altered and manipulated – skin. It’s easy to form an opinion of you just by seeing and hearing all about your lifestyle.


The picture that you are giving me and millions of other internet connected people is that of a wife, mother, sister, daughter and business woman whose priorities are yes, her family, but also her external image, fashion, and posting the latest Instagram picture.

And then I saw the photos of your butt.

I thought to myself; “Really Kim? Is this the woman that you want to be? Is this the woman you want your daughter (and other young girls for that matter) to look at with respect for a woman with integrity, wisdom and depth in her life?”

But I don’t know you at all, so what could I say about you? Who am I to judge?

All I can say is that it seems to me like there is so much depth and peace lacking in your life, and that the reason why you seek so much love, attention, and affection from the outside world is because there is an ache in your heart for fulfillment which cannot be found in the things you are constantly running after.

I’m not saying this to insult or belittle you, but rather as a comforting message for you, because the peace and love I have known and experienced all my life is something that exceeds anything this world will try and push down your throat. It stretches way beyond human love, way beyond media attention, affection, and a relaxed state of mind. Even if the world around me was as busy, stressed, and chaotic as New York City rush hour, I could run to Him and feel nothing but peace in my mind, body, and soul.

And yes, I am talking about God.

I don’t hate you Kim, and neither does He. Quite the opposite actually. I only wish you could know him like He longs for you to know, accept, and love Him.

And He is really all that matters, despite what human nature tells us. He is love, and love is what we should show you.

I am not better than you, and so is not a single person on this planet.

I just wish you could maybe stop for a second and look at the abundance of materialistic things you have and see if it is truly fulfilling you, and more importantly if it is helping those who are in such desperate need of provision.

A big hug and much love sent your way,

A life-loving and simple twenty-four year old woman x


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