Tropical Beach Wedding Inspiration Shoot.

On Tuesday December 9th some talented and creative ladies got together and helped me out with an incredible styled wedding shoot on Matakana Island. It was such a lovely cloudy and still day, and we had so much fun putting the day together. I am so humbled my all the willingness and effort everyone put in, all these ladies are champions! Please visit their links below to see all of their amazing work!

Cakes | Sugartown
Gown | Astra Bridal
Flowers | Rosies Wildflower Co.
Hair | Janneke de Jong (Photographer)
Images | Tranquility Photography
Makeup | Debbie at Lillybeth – A Beautiful Education
Styling | A Splendid Afternoon
Venue | Matakana Island Retreat



1G0A8798-2      2014-12-19_0009 2014-12-19_0040 2014-12-19_0018 2014-12-19_0019

1G0A8812-5 2014-12-19_0027 2014-12-19_0030 2014-12-19_0029 1G0A9025-1 2014-12-19_0025 2014-12-19_0032 2014-12-19_0031 2014-12-19_0026 2014-12-19_0024 2014-12-19_0016 2014-12-19_0015 2014-12-19_0013 2014-12-19_0022 2014-12-19_0012 2014-12-19_0017 1G0A8970-32 2014-12-19_0020 2014-12-19_0021 1G0A8878-17 2014-12-19_0023 2014-12-19_0037 1G0A9185-13 1G0A9064-3 2014-12-19_0038 2014-12-19_0011 2014-12-19_0036 2014-12-19_0028 2014-12-19_0033 2014-12-19_0039 2014-12-19_0034

Thank you so so much again to all the lovely ladies involved, what a great day it was! x

Tranquility Photography


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