Tchaikovsky Inspired Ballerina Shoot.

Oh, what a beautiful and glorious morning it was! Amy was so dedicated and awoke at 4AM to get herself ready, and I jumped with joy when I saw there were no clouds in the sky.

I love Tchaikovsky and ballet, so when I scored myself a record player and some records of the composer, I had to find a ballerina. The light was perfect and Amy the ballerina was just stunning and lovely. I am in love with this shoot!

2014-12-22_0029 2014-12-22_0030 2014-12-22_0002 2014-12-22_0001 2014-12-22_0031 2014-12-22_0003 2014-12-22_0028 2014-12-22_0006

Then the light changed as the sun began to rise quicker.

2014-12-22_0032 2014-12-22_0027 1G0A0260-3 copy 2014-12-22_0019 1G0A0220-1 copy 2014-12-22_0026


Amy even brought some old books and that gorgeous little stool to create this awesome set up!

2014-12-22_0022 2014-12-22_0016 2014-12-22_0017 2014-12-22_0015 2014-12-22_0023 2014-12-22_0009 2014-12-22_0014 2014-12-22_0025 2014-12-16_0004

Such simplicity and such beauty in one image! Handpicked flowers from both our gardens!

2014-12-22_0024 2014-12-16_0003 2014-12-22_0021 2014-12-22_0013 2014-12-22_0020 2014-12-22_0018 1G0A0368-25 copy 2014-12-22_0005 1G0A0378-28 copy 2014-12-22_0012 2014-12-22_0011 1G0A0305-12 copy 2014-12-22_0007

So glorious! Can’t stop smiling! x

Tranquility Photography


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