So You Think You’re Right About Their Mistakes?

As many of you know, there has been a recent scandal revealed about the people signed up to the adultery website Ashley Madison. On this particular website an individual can sign up to find other “100% likeminded people” who want to “discretely” cheat on their current partner or spouse. Their slogan is; “Life Is Short. Have An Affair.”

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Firstly, this absolutely breaks my heart for the beautiful creation and intention that is marriage. I will mention that no, I am not married, but I believe in the holiness that marriage was intended to be, and have been fortunate enough to have amazing parents to learn from. Yes, so many marriages have broken up or have been damaged by not just cheating but so many different aspects, such as marrying too quickly, having different ambitions and directions for the future, and basically not learning to understand each other or compromise with one another. There are many more reasons for why a marriage could break up, but you get the basic idea.

Sam Rader, a christian YouTube vlogger has just been revealed to have signed up to the website. People were firing their opinions, accusations and hateful language at him via his Facebook page and YouTube Channel the day it was published. A day after this news revelation, with many gossip websites and some news sites already claiming that he is a paying ‘customer’, Sam posted a video explaining his situation. Notably, his wife is sitting right by his side.

Yes, he did make the account. Two years ago. He explains that this issue is in their past and before they began making YouTube videos. The problem was brought to his church, his discipleship partner, and his wife, who has forgiven him. He admits this was a mistake and has sought forgiveness to God.

I could go on forever but these are the main things I believe many many people need to understand. He admitted his mistake. He took his issue to others; to his community, leaders, his wife, and most importantly; God. He asked forgiveness and knew this was fleshly desire and sinful curiosity. The issue has been completely resolved in his family and in his church.

Here’s the thing. everybody does stupid things. And I mean, really stupid things. We cheat, we lie, we envy, we judge, we insult, we are selfish, we steal, and we murder. Who the heck are we to judge a man who has made one of those mistakes and clearly sought to make things right?!

I get angry, and I mean so angry, when I see the numerous insults, hateful comments, self righteous observations and ‘this-is-what-you-should-do’ and ‘this-is-the-kind-of-person-that-you-are’ paragraphs. People think they have the right to judge someone, especially when it’s with a keyboard behind a computer screen, without even giving a thought to all the mistakes they have made and will make in the future.

As a christian, I believe that Jesus did indeed die on the cross for those sins and will forgive us when we ask, but regardless of whether or not you believe that can you, person who is shouting insults and judgements without the knowledge of their hearts or their situation, look at yourself and say; “I’ve never done something so stupid”? Maybe you’ve never cheated on your partner or spouse. That’s great. That’s fantastic. But what you have done is lie, insult others, judge your friends or strangers passing by, selfishly kept, taken, or said something, and want something you don’t have. All sins are the same in the eyes of God.

So please, think before you speak and instead of insulting a man you don’t even know, have a look at your own life and start living in a way that is uplifting, encouraging and loving towards other people. Stop insulting others just because you believe you have the right to a demeaning opinion. God loves everyone. He loves the homeless, the prostitutes, the straight, the ‘normal’, the weird, the socially awkward, the party animals, the gays, the transgenders, the murderers, the thieves, and all the people we tend to think are so much less worthy than ourselves.

Take a look at who you really are and how God sees the man that you are supposed to love.


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