The Photographer

Hello dear visitor!

My name is Janneke (pronounced Yarnica). I’m a wedding + portrait photographer based in the Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. I am from The Netherlands and have frequently travelled to Europe in the last few years so don’t be afraid to ask me to fly over and shoot over there!

I’m an expressive and creative human being who delights in Jesus, and the silly and wonderful things in life. I laugh a lot, sing every day, and never pass a day without writing stories, notes, and the ever so growing bundle of songs in my heart.

Life is precious. Life is a beautiful and a crazy kind of mess and I want to capture a part of yours that brought you tears of joy, ecstatic laughter, and a heart full of love.

I also have a website which I regularly update. Since 23 April 2017 I have been updating this blog again as well 🙂

Find me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to have a little bit of a browse of the moments I love to capture!


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